Lord D'Andre is a unique and disruptive young musician, producer, and vocalist offering an interesting new aesthetic and musical approach to the world of urban music. He has branded himself as the Father of “Trap ‘n Roll” (which is a term used to describe Lord’s style of music; A hip-hop sub-genre which incorporates aspects of Hard Rock, Blues, Punk, and Alternative).

Throughout this New documentary-style short film, Lord D’Andre gives us an introspective look into his world, detailing his creative process, influences, and giving us a first hand look at the creation of HIS ALBUM, “Lord Hendrix.”

O U T   N O W



Georgia rapper, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, LORD D'ANDRE, releases a Brand New, 4-track EP entitled “Take Cover.” Lord really let’s his creativity flow throughout this concise effort by creating a sense of nostalgia as he reinvents a few popular Rock songs from the 1950’s, 1970’s and early 2000’s with a slightly more urban and current approach.

Lord Hendrix

O U T   N O W

Lord Hendrix album artowrk by East Dublin, GA artist Lord D'Andre

a one of a kind, Genre Blending musical fusion of two opposing worlds... Much More than just an album; "Lord Hendrix" is an experience. composed & arranged by rising Georgia Musician Lord D'Andre and narrated by none other than the late jimi hendrix himself


Back Cover / Album Tracklist for "Lord Hendrix" by East Dublin, GA rapper/producer/guitarist Lord D'Andre



LORD D'ANDRE is an artist who isn't afraid of pushing boundaries. Emerging from a small Georgia town called East Dublin, Lord has received looks and mentions from some major artists such as Future, Lil Keed, Blueface Bleedem, Waka Flocka, Trinidad James, Lotto Savage, and more!

Lord D'Andre has recently been gaining a lot of attention, not only because of his dark, god-like aesthetic, but mostly due to his immense musical capabilities. He is one of the first [predominately] Hip-Hop artists to successfully merge good old fashioned Rock & Roll with Rap/Trap music, and he does this in such a way that the music barely fits within the confines of either genre but is still enjoyable by fans of either.

As if Lord D'Andre's unique production and vocal delivery isn't already enough, he can often be seen shredding his guitar while simultaneously singing or rapping. This factor alone sets him apart from many of todays acts. Lord's warm voice gently weaves through the rhythms of his guitar to create a genre of its own, in which he likes to call, "Trap 'N Roll."

Lord D'Andre's newest effort, “Lord Hendrix,” is a genre-blending musical fusion of two opposing worlds. Much more than just an album; it is an experience. Lord Hendrix features narration from the late Jimi Hendrix, and is Written, Recorded, Produced, & Arranged by Lord D'Andre himself.